Diary of a Naija Kopa (3)

I’m grateful that God answers even the simplest of my prayers.

I am grateful for the million miracles that happen everyday!

1 John 5:14 (paraphrased)
He hears us

My birthday is January 3, every year, and if you know me well, you'll know that photoshoots are dear to me- even on no special occasions.
It didn't look like I was going to have birthday pictures this January. I planned to use my December's allowance to transport myself back to Oyo, and for my upkeep before the next pay. So the money I had was to  be touched not, but I trusted God for a miracle.

On January 1, before my mum and I went to church for the annual Thanksgiving service in church, I sat on the edge of my bed and said a simple but sincere prayer. I prayed for money to pay for my birthday photoshoot, and clothes to wear for the shoot. I can remember saying something that looks like these lines: "Thank you Abba because I don't need the pictures and clothes to be joyful because you have already given me your joy. However, I need them to be happy. You are my Father, and you're happy when I am happy. Please provide for me, so we can both be happy."

My eyes teared a little. I was touched by the sincerity of what I said. I had come to love and relate with God as a little baby with her caring pops. I was very sure God heard me.

At church, I met my birthday mate who told me about her plan to have a photoshoot. She told me how much it would cost, and I registered it in mind.
On returning from church, I began to arrange my clothes in preparation for my journey. I was going to join a night bus to Ibadan on my birthday. As I was putting my things in order, I received a call from my friend, Semsem. He called to wish me a happy birthday in advance. He didn't stop there. He requested for my bank account details so he could send me a gift. Before I finished arranging my clothes, I saw more than enough clothes which I found photoshoot-worthy.

The next morning, I went to visit one of my friends who had turned sister- Comfort. Her mum gave me another cash gift. That completed the photoshoot money, with even extra!
In the evening, I did my makeup and went for the photoshoot.
It was a miracle for me.

Matthew 6:11
We acknowledge you as our Provider of all we need each day

Few hours to my birthday, I reminisced on God's goodness to me, and I could do nothing but cry; I was extremely grateful. Nathaniel Bassey's Olorun Agbaye was on repeat that night.

3rd January came! It was my birthday and I was going to start my journey later that day. I had earlier planned a surprise gift for my mum. I brought out the gift of a beautiful Ankara dress made by Unboxed Kreations and presented it to my mother. I thanked her for her selflessness all through the years. She immediately knelt down and prayed for God's blessings upon me. I felt fulfilled.

At church that day, I said goodbye to my friends. I wouldn't be seeing them for almost a year. When I returned home from church, The Adeyinkas, Dorcas, Comfort, and Cynthia came to see me. They are people very dear to me, so seeing them made me happy. They presented gifts to me, we danced and ate together. Aunty Esther also sent her gift.
At about 1pm, I received a call from the travel company I booked with. It was time for me to go.
We called a Keke (tricycle) rider to help with the luggage. I was accompanied to the park by mum, sister and friend. That was the last time I saw them. My mum's eyes were filled with tears as I waved goodbye from the moving car. I was driven from Zaria to Kaduna, where I'd be joining the night bus to Ibadan. I met Tima in the park. She was also a corper and was travelling back to report to her PPA.

The journey began at about 7pm. It was my first time travelling by night, and it wasn't bad. I kept receiving birthday wishes, calls and gifts.
I got to Ibadan on January 4, at about 10am. I parted ways with Tima and continued my journey to Oyo. I lodged at the NCCF family house that night and packed to my school's lodge the next day. It was a four bedroom apartment and I was given a room to stay with three other corps members.

Remember from Diary of a Naija Kopa (1) that I left some of my things in Ile Ife? I went to Ife on Wednesday, January 6. While I was there, I reviewed my 2021 goals with Uncle Seun and talked about my plans to achieve them. I had a good time with the family.

I left Ife for Ibadan on Friday to see my new friend, Mercy. I helped her with packing and arranging of her newly rented house. We also had a nice tour.

I then returned to my lodge in Oyo on Sunday to get set for work, which was to begin the next day.
It wasn't really easy for me trying to adjust to my new environment and my flatmates, but God helped me. We later got along, and enjoyed each other. still tried to keep in touch with my friends and family in Zaria. Via Facebook messenger, I got more acquainted with Marvellous whom I knew just from a distance. We had virtual Bible studies together, and it was fun.

Diary of a Naija Kopa (2)

It was in that January that I accepted MD's demise; until then, it was like a dream to me. I suffered what I later got to know to be Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD). I had so many sleepless nights. I asked God so many questions; I thought I was going insane. I couldn't write. It felt like my reasoning was clogged. I lost interest in almost everything. I cried many times. I was deeply hurt, and most times felt plenty of space in my head.

You remember my friend, Olamide? She understands almost everything MD had been teaching me, and it was relieving to have someone like him this close. Because of our like minds, we often talked about the gospel.
When the PTSD set in, I knew I needed external help so I decided to talk to her about it. I even shared with her a detailed story I wrote about what happened on 27th November, 2020. I wrote the story on one of the nights when I couldn't sleep. After reading my messages to her, Olamide agreed to talk to me about it the next day. I was glad that I was finally going to speak with someone who understands.

Unfortunately, I couldn't reach her the next day. I dialled her number countless times, but it didn't connect. I was scared. I honestly was going crazy, but the people around me couldn't fathom why I was that disturbed about not being able to reach her. I imagined different things. I was scared of losing her, because she was like another MD to me- although the other is irreplaceable, I know you get what I mean. . It felt like losing the same person twice.
Amidst my confusion, I took out time to pray for her.
I admitted in my conversation with God that I loved Olamide, but He loves her more, so He'd do a better job taking care of her than I will. Such faith!
I contacted people I've never spoken with, just to get across to her. It was in the process of doing so that I got talking with Mr Macho. I kept calling people from our platoon (we were both in two platoon), and some from her PPA. I didn't stop until I reached her through her cousin. Sadly, I got to know that she was robbed of her phone.

Some of my questions were answered while some weren't. In spite of that, I was reassured of God's love for me and for MD. I was still deeply convinced that God isn't the author of death or other bad things happening in the world. I think part of what helped, was first of all, accepting reality. It applies to other areas of our lives, you know? Nothing changes until we acknowledge the problem and agree to work up a solution.

Mercy came to visit me towards the end of January. I was glad that we were putting in the effort to make our relationship work.

In tomorrow's story, I'll tell you about a sad bike accident I had in February.

Until then, I'm sending you lots of love❤️❤️❤️❤️

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