Come back home

Hello, hello! How are you doing this morning, afternoon or night 😁? It’s morning here, tell me what time of the day it us at your end 😌

In the last two episodes, I’ve been telling you a story about my relationship with Snow-white and we’ve been drawing lessons from it.

In the first part of the story which is He doesn’t bite, we saw how very approachable God is and how fear and guilt sabotages us from enjoying a wonderful relationship with Him.

In the second part, Tell it! God does not bite!, we saw how it is our responsibility as God’s children to tell others about Him.

In the third part today, I’ll be bringing the story to a close.

After I got very relaxed with being around Snow-white, I travelled for a period of seven months and when I came back to the house, guess what happened?

I was afraid again! I wondered if she’d still remember me, I was afraid that she might angrily bark at me, but Snow-white did not!
She remembered me! Now seven months is really a long time, but we continued our play as though I never left.

I said all of that to say this:

It doesn’t matter how far gone you are, God still loves you and is willing to accept you.
Maybe you already have a relationship with God but you broke your fellowship with Him, I’m bringing God’s word to you today which says that you are not spoilt beyond repair. You’ve not gone bad beyond acceptance.
Like in the story of the Prodigal son, God is waiting to have you back. In fact, in the story we see that the father ran to meet the son when he saw him from a distance. That is to show that he had been longing for the return of his son. The father still treated him as a son as though he never left.

The point you missed in the parable of the lost…

All you need to do is to confess your sin, and receive the forgiveness that God has already made available for you. After confessing your sin, any guilt feeling that may come is not from God, because God does not remember our sin after it is forgiven.

I’ll close this episode with a line from one of Tye Tribbette’s songs titled Victory. It says There is no failure our God can never lose.

♥ & 💡


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