What if there was a truth about yourself, that you aren’t aware of? Could it be that the long-embraced opinion of yourself is a lie or not the absolute truth?

Many of life’s experiences, the ugly ones, especially, tend to taint the lenses through which we view God, ourselves and life.

Enjoying everyday life is almost impossible when you don’t know yourself, or accept a corrupted image of yourself.

You are delightfully loved and you deserve to know it! You can receive love and let it spill to others!

I am glad that you decided to visit Gem’s blog. This blog seeks to help unmask and discover who you really are, as you see through the lenses of God’s eyes.

I am Jemimah Barwa, a recent Microbiology graduate; easygoing, creative, open-minded, keen about personal development, and living life as God intended it to be, although I don’t pretend to have it all figured out. I love God; I believe everything He says about me. I love myself and I love you too!

If this is your first time here, I’ll like you to read A peep into God’s diary and take a glance at what God thinks about you.

Love, Gem🌺