Who is God? (7)

Wow it’s so beautiful to be back on who is God.

In part two, we had settled that one can engage in the worship of a god he has no ideas about. Jesus said to the woman at the well, you worship you know not what. And in Acts 17, we find the people building a shrine to the unknown god. How on earth did they figure out the constituents of the shrine such as to please this unknown god? But they went ahead to build a shrine.

Who is God?

Just like in another story, when the Israelites were freed from Egypt, they knew of the God who saved them but Moses got somewhere and went up to pray, and by the time he was down, they were worshipping another god, as the one who delivered them from Egypt. The fact that you are in the company of probably the church, as we call it or a gathering of people we consider believers doesn’t automatically imply that you know God because they attributed their deliverance from Egypt to the god that they made with their hands; just like today, a lot of us worship a god that we crafted with our minds. And this particular god, he is sustained just the way a lion in the zoo is sustained. You know, that caged lion is not free. It’s controlled, they have to feed him regularly such as to sustain his health, and that’s how this other god worshipped is fed weekly, probably on Sunday services or other weekly services, and offerings and tithes and many other things and songs are brought to him to sustain him; he is not a real person.

The real God is actually more like the wild lion in the jungle rather than the one in the cage. He is the one in control, not man in control and a full revelation of Him had never been gotten in any dispensation but in ours, with the revelation of the Christ. There is no revelation of God outside Christ. Every other thing will be a mere speculation. Christ comes to reveal God as the God of love.

In the Old Testament whether it be Moses or Daniel or Elijah, whoever was said to have revealed God never revealed the full picture of him. Let’s look at a few instances where they got it wrong. For instance, in Genesis which was said to be penned down by Moses, Cain said to leave the presence of God but the revelation of God keeps progressing and in Jeremiah 23, God asked where can you go from me? Do I not fill everywhere? Psalms 139, the psalmist was asking where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I hide from your presence? If I make my bed in hell, you are there. So you find out that even Moses said how can we go if your presence does not go with us? They did not know that God was Jehovah Shammah; the ever-present God.

Even in today’s world, we find people trying to invoke or do things to qualify to host God’s presence. No, his presence fills all things in all. There is no part of creation that is detached from him, or exists outside his consciousness or his presence. In fact, it is in Him we live and move and have our being; His fullness fills all things in all. So we see clearly that those who try to invoke the presence of a distant, absent God don’t actually know this God.

Let’s look at another instance, God is good only and is capable of good only and he is love, we find that revelation in the New Testament. But in the Old Testament, you could find things like an evil spirit from God comes to torment Saul. Well, how can a good God have an evil spirit? It doesn’t add up. This just clearly communicates to us that the old testament had a partial, probably not correct revelation of God and the revelation is clarified and clearly seen in the New Testament, in the person of Christ, outside whom there is no accurate revelation of God.

The Jews, before they became God’s people and moved to a monotheistic faith (the faith where they believed in one God), had believed in several gods, and if they experienced any evil, it was easy to blame the god of the counterparty, that it was the person’s god or those people’s god that brought evil on them. But when they were moved into a monotheistic faith where they believed in one God (the LORD thy God is one O Israel), they began to blame God for everything that happened. So an evil spirit showed up, they said the evil spirit was from God.

Let’s look at one story in 2 Samuel chapter 24, we find out that it was said that God was offended with Israel and tempted David to do a census on Israel. Well, same story in 1 Chronicles 21 and we find out that it was the devil that tempted David to do the census. So, is God the devil? Clearly no. In the Old Testament, all they had was a partial revelation of God, they attributed everything to God. So it was God who did the evil, it was God who did the good and I’m here to say God is capable of good only and does good only.

Even what we call the justice of God is not the system whereby God brings out a wicked, vengeful part of himself. Justice actually means measuring to everyone what is needed and what is required. The offender needed mercy as much as the offended, so when Jesus shows up as God, people were crucifying him and He gave them what they needed, “forgive them for they know not what they do.” Justice is not the gruesome, evil part of a good God waiting to just burst forth. God is good and good only and all He does is an expression of love because God is love. It’s so amazing to find that we can engage in a worship of this God and really not know who he is and attribute several wrong things to this good God.

Many people see him as the one who is just up there reluctantly waiting to bless them only when they persuade him with their prayers. No, that doesn’t sound like a good God. He is a father who knows what we need and gives to us even before we ask. His divine power has given unto us all things that pertain to life and Godliness, not will give, has given. So we don’t have any business trying to break the reluctance of this detached deity that we call God. No, God is good and capable of only good and loves only. In who is God, my aim is to bring forth this good, real, sweet, beautiful God who never leaves you. He is Immanuel; He is God with us. He never goes anywhere; it’s only our consciousness that shifts from him. He is always fully there with us and always willing to do good to us. He is not a retributive, punitive, wicked, dangerous deity out there waiting to smack you on the head at every slightest wrong you do. He is not the one who says your sins have kept me away. No, our sin never kept Him away. Our sin pulled us away from Him, not Him away from us. He never leaves nor forsakes anyone. He is always there with us, He is always present. He is ever good, He is ever-loving, He is beyond describing, He is all-powerful and almighty, He is all-glorious and so gracious and all so sweet. He is amazing. He is God with us, He is ever present, giving us everything we need. He is the one who chased us and found us. He is the one who seeks us, He is the one who sought us and found us. He is love. He is good and His image is clearly seen only in the Christ.

If you want to know God, focus on the Christ. There is no better revelation of God than what is seen in the Christ. Moses had a veil on his face because he was trying to cover the fading glory. I dare stand like Paul and say, we don’t talk like Moses (2 Corinthians 3), who had something to cover, but we all with unveiled faces when we see the glory of God in the image of Christ, then we’ll become exactly like what we see. That was the actual intent of God.

You see, the knowledge of God is for us, not for God because the more we know Him, the more we see who we were designed like. Humanity was made in His image and likeness.

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