Diary of a Naija Kopa (4)

I am grateful for the robust health I’ve enjoyed…

It was one of my goals for 2021 to learn fashion designing, but towards the end of January, it felt like I wasn’t going to learn anymore. There were some non-negotiable qualities I sought for from a fashion designer to learn from, but I wasn’t getting it from the ones I saw.

Remember Daniel, the guy I met on my way to camp who ended up being in the same PPA with me? He told me about a fashion designer he thought I’d like to learn from, so I agreed to go with him to the shop after work. I was considering learning from her as we left the shop, but as walked a little bit down the road, I sighted a shop with a beautifully dressed mannequin in front it.
“This looks like it” was exactly my thought. I asked Daniel to come with me to the shop and he did. The shop was very beautiful. It was painted in bright colours, with clothes neatly arranged in a shelf. The fashion designer was a very young lady, and I loved everything my eyes saw: the organization and excellence, everything!

All of these happened in January, so on February 1, I began my training.
In no time, I was getting along with everyone in the shop.

I was made NCCF subzonal treasurer on February 14.

I had a list of books to read for this year so I read about three of them in February. I especially loved one titled Unashamed by Lecrae given to me by Olamide. I could relate so well with his story and most of all he wrote, if not everything, made sense to me. I’ve been his ardent fan since then.

I usually went to the shop after work, then return home in evening, so most of the time, I was away from home.
One night when I closed from shop, I stopped an okada (motorcycle) rider to take me home. While trying to sit on the bike, I hit my right knee. It hurt so bad, I couldn’t open my eyes for some seconds as we rode. I tried to absorb the pain, and I thought that was all.

About a week later, walking around in the house became difficult for me. Every step I made hurt badly, so I had to limp to minimize the pain. I knew I had to seek medical help so I went to the hospital, and I was asked to do an x-ray. It was a minor issue, but I was still a bit scared. The result showed that the ligament in the knee area had worn out. I could see the space between my bones in the xray photo.About five drugs were prescribed for me, but I could only get one or two because I was short of money at the time. I prayed that the few drugs I had will do it’s work and that of others. I massaged the knee for about a week and after that, I was fine. Since February, I’ve not swallowed a single pill to treat anything. I’ve taken neither Paracetamol nor Vitamin C tablet, lol. I’m grateful for the robust health I’ve enjoyed this year.

I’m glad that my bones reconnected together without much hassle. It could have been worse than what happened. The bones could have broken; I could have fallen off the bike or something really worse.
As I write this, I’m reminded that God gives His angels charge over me; I am surrounded by the arms of the Father, and by angels on assignment.

Tomorrow, you’ll read the highlights of what happened in March.

Which part of the stories from part 1, can you relate the most with? What stood out for you?

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