A Candle or The Sun

So don’t hide your light! Let it shine brightly before others, so that your commendable works will shine as light upon them, and then they will give their praise to your Father in heaven.

In case you’re wondering…that was Matthew 5.16 I just quoted

Hellooooooo dear blog reader!

I sincerely apologise apologies for the long silence. In the space between my last post and now, I launched a podcast, which will sometimes carry the same content as this blog. So if you prefer to listen than read, you can click on Dear Royal and hop on A Candle or The Sun. I must say that it feels good to be back here and I’m glad you’re reading this! today.

The focus of our talk today is light and whenever I mention the phrase shine your light, I’m referring to the execution of the vision God has put in our hearts.

I think it’s a common thing now for people to hold back from doing what they really want to do because they feel like everyone else is doing it, so it seems like there’s no need.

For the fear of being criticised of joining the crowd, a lot of people keep mute and bury their talents.

Let’s take the central message in the popularly known John 3:16 for example. Someone can write about it; another person can sing on it and even in singing, it could be rap, hiphop, reggae or blues. To convey the same message, someone else may paint an art, another may make an explanatory video, shoot a movie, or do a dance drama. It looks like the same thing but then it’s in variations.

Now God did a really good job in creating humans, he didn’t wire any two persons in the same way. I’m sure you know that even identical twins still differ in a lot of ways. This is such that the same message presented as a movie to one person may bless Mr A while all that Mr B needs is a rap song. If you hold back from releasing your rhythms because everyone else is doing John 3:16, how then will Mr B be blessed? Who will minister to him?

You have to shine in your corner and illuminate the darkness that is around you. Some of the bigger lights you see may not have access to the few people who are around you, and this is not because they’re not shining well, it could just be an issue of proximity. There are some people in your circle whom no one else can reach, to whom not many people have access to, or have influence over. However, because they are in proximity to you, you have access to them, so you have to light them up!

In case you’re feeling insignificant in the presence of other lights, let’s see this analogy together.
A candlelight is sometimes used in burning the tips of women’s hair after it is made, especially if an extension was made.
However, the sun, even though being more glorious and magnificent, cannot get that little job done. In fact in a matter of minutes, the candle will melt to wax and it’s all forgotten, but it can perform a function that the sun in all it’s glory cannot achieve!

It doesn’t matter what intensity your light has, just shine.

Now, one may say since the candle is a smaller light in comparison with the sun, a small torch can perform the same function. I’m sure you know that even if the torch flashes its light from now till tomorrow, it can never get that task done. Each of these lights have their own unique importance and one cannot always execute the function of another.

 Delight thyself also in the LORD; And he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. 
Psalm 37:4 KJV

If there’s a desire burning in your heart, please attend to it. God puts desires in our heart, and He doesn’t just put it there for the fun of it.

If you are just a candle, please shine.
If you are the sun, shine!

Shine where you are, illuminate the darkness around you and even if the place is just a bit dark, your light can brighten it. The candle should not refuse to light up the room at night simply because it is aware that there is a sun somewhere.

Imagine what the world will look like if everyone’s light is shining in their highest intensities. We all have a common desire to see that darkness is banished, but it starts with you shining your light.

A candle flame can ignite another candle. Let’s get started already and it is to the end that our Father in heaven is glorified!

So tell me in the comments, what are some of the things you can immediately begin to do in a bid to let your light shine?

Love always,
Gem ♥


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