Who is God? (5)

Previously on who is God…

We dared to explore the concept of the trinity and we dealt with the term perichoresis. God is not just part of a dance or the dance, He Himself, is the dance. It’s so beautiful to realize that not only is the Godhead in that dance, but humanity has been brought into that dance in the person of Christ because Christ was fully God, and fully man and when He ascended, He ascended fully as man. The Scriptures says we have an advocate with the Father, the man Jesus. So He ascended as man, and is still part of that beautiful dance and forever by him, man has been included in that glorious dance. What a joy it is to know that forever because of Christ, humanity has been brought into that wonderful dance with divinity. No longer is there a separation; God and man are joined in blessed harmony in the person of Christ. His very incarnation, his very being, was where all of God met all of man because He was fully God and fully man. It’s so glorious. Now you can understand why the angels sang when Christ was born. They sang glory in the highest, glory, peace on earth, goodwill to men. Forever man has been brought into that glorious dance… perichoresis.
This should lead us to want to explore and understand more about this great God who has included us in Himself.

The real good news is not “give your life to Christ,” no; it is that “Christ has given his life to you.” The real good news is not “accept Christ into your life,” it is “Christ has accepted you into his life.” God has by Himself made us partake of His being. He brought us and raised us in Christ Jesus while we were yet sinners. Ephesians 2:6 , says He raised us and He sat us in Heavenly places in Christ while we yet sinners. We had nothing to contribute to it. This is the God we serve.

Well, it somehow seems different from the God portrayed in the Old Testament. We must get this; in the Old Testament, all they had was a progressive revelation of God. They did not have a clear picture of God. If the Old Testament was sufficient in itself, there would be no need for a New Testament so the revelation of God was gradual and progressive, to bring them to the ultimate point of realization of God as pure love. Now there would always be a sense of mystery to God as He is infinite and right now we’ll face the limitations of a finite mind, however we can be in touch with everything there is to know about God. I’m saying in touch with it, not the full comprehension of it but we can be in touch with everything there is to know about God. This is how Colossians 2 puts it in the Message Translation, “I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God. Then you will have minds confident and at rest, focused on Christ, God’s great mystery. In Him lie hidden, all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Verse 4 says something really strong; I want us to pay attention to, it says “I am telling you this because, I don’t want anyone leading you off on some wild-goose chase, after other so-called mysteries or “the Secret.” Christ is all the mystery there is to know about God. He is all the secret there is to know about God. He is the express image of God. In Him lies the fullness of the Godhead bodily. We can’t overstate this.

A few more points to touch, he said, “I want you woven into the tapestry of love” Colossians 2:2. The focus here is the tapestry of love; the tapestry of love, because, God is love.

There are some points we need to hit clear: God is not an angry God. He is not the one saying “worship me or I will burn you in hell.” Nebuchadnezzar rather looked like that in the bible. He said, “Worship my statue, my image that I built or else I will burn you.” Our God is love, He doesn’t threaten you with hell, He actually saves you from the hellish experience by himself. You know, God so loved the world that He gave. He commended his love to us while we were yet sinners. God is not the one there saying, “worship me or I will burn you” John 3 says whoever believes, shall not perish but have everlasting life. Whoever believes not is already condemned. It’s a scenario painting outside the shelter, and inside the shelter. Anyone who believes steps into the shelter, anyone who doesn’t believe is already outside the shelter. It’s not God putting you outside, it’s you putting yourself outside. Hebrews tells us that we cannot escape judgment if we neglect so great a salvation, so it’s not God, as it were, putting us outside, it’s we keeping ourselves outside by negligence. God is love; He doesn’t love sometimes and hate sometimes. God is love, and love, and love.

Now, several other scriptures talk about attributes of God, you know, God is a consuming fire, but what if we look at that fire as fire of passion, passionate love? You know that kind of love that it says by loving your enemies or by being nice to them, you are heaping coals of fire upon their heads; it consumes. God is love. We can never overemphasize this. In the Old Testament, like we said earlier, they were coming to a progressive realization of God. The fullness of who God is revealed in the Christ. Ephesians 3:19 says “that we may come to know the love of God which passes knowledge and so be full with the fullness of God.” The fullness of God is experienced in the knowledge of His love. Nothing else will get you into the fullness of God.

God is not angry with you; He is not some harsh judge faraway detached in some nebulous space trying to punish you for not fulfilling your purpose which He obscured from you. No, God is not that monster. God is love. And this is why we are on the series, “who is God?” Because the knowledge of God is expedient for grace, peace and eternal life- the very life of God. 2 Peter 1:2 says “grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,” Verse 3 says “according as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” Did you notice that grace and peace is multiplied through the knowledge of him, not just through knowledge. Many times we read and stop at ‘through knowledge’ and emphasize how knowledge is important; it is not just knowledge, but the knowledge of God, the knowledge of Jesus Christ. And it says that His divine power hath given us all things that pertain, not will give, but it says, through the knowledge of him. The more we explore the knowledge of God, the more we know who God is, the more we experience grace, the more we experience peace, the more we maximize all that has been given to us as it pertains to life and godliness because it is given to us through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, through the knowledge of God. That’s why we explore who is God.

Now, prepare yourself because we’re going to deconstruct a few things in the next episode of who is God. But again, we would emphasize, God is fully expressed in the person of Jesus. He is the ultimate mystery of God. Every other mystery that is outside the Christ is simply a wild goose chase; we’d be like dogs chasing our tails and we’ll never get to it. So, Christ is fully God revealed. In Him lie the express image of God and the fullness of the Godhead. Christ is the only picture of God. Nothing else reveals God, no one else reveals God as the Christ.

I know it has been aforesaid, but I wanted to repeat a few lines for you: God is not an angry God! No, He is not mad at you. If you need someone to talk to further about this, I’m available for you. You can reach out to me through the contact me tab in the home page.

Love always, Gem.

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