Diary of a Naija Kopa (3)

I'm grateful that God answers even the simplest of my prayers.I am grateful for the million miracles that happen everyday! 1 John 5:14 (paraphrased)He hears us My birthday is January 3, every year, and if you know me well, you'll know that photoshoots are dear to me- even on no special occasions.It didn't look like … Continue reading Diary of a Naija Kopa (3)

My love note to Abba (2)

My Love Note to Abba To the Father who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or trace of darkness; the One who is never subject to change. Flawless. Perfect. Spotless. God of inexhaustible depths. The multi-breasted one; El-Shaddai, I call you. The River that never runs dry. Unlimited. Unrestricted. Boundless. Incomparable. Unsurpassed. Matchless. … Continue reading My love note to Abba (2)