Who is God? (1)

King of kings, the Olowogbogboro, LORD of lords, El-shaddai…

The truth is we have all these descriptions, pictures and images about God that we’ve formed, and many times we bring these things from places of mere speculation, imagination and wildest wishes, all in a bid to extol and adore this great God.

However, I tell you the truth, nobody can know God by speculation. So guess what? God came to us in the person of Jesus. Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh to end the speculations of men about who God is. He came to end all our vain and vague imaginations about who God is. God is Jesus, come in the flesh to us. To know who God is, you have to know Jesus. Jesus is God come in the flesh. Let me tell you point blank: anyone who denies that Jesus is God come in the flesh is of the antichrist.

This is Gospel 101. Stop your trying to access a far god because God has come down to us in the person of Jesus. That’s why His name was called Immanuel. He is God with us; the visible image of the invisible God; the very end to religion and man’s weird, vain, and  vague attempts of speculation to access God.

This is the end of religion: God has come to us, because religion is man’s attempt to get to God and now God has come to us.

So who is God? We will start the series in exploring the person of Jesus and I’m so excited to announce to you that it’s going to be revolutionary and life transforming.

What’s the take-home for you today?

PS: This content is not originally mine.  It was transcribed from a podcast made by my mentor who passed. Because spoken speech differs from written speech, I tweaked a few sentences so that it fits some writing rules.

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