Preparing for miracles

I started writing this story in January, but didn’t get to complete and post it🙈

I was hanging out with my girlfriends in Zaria when I opened my WhatsApp and saw from a message, that there’s a likelihood for me to return to the Southwest the next week. I tried not to be worried, so I could enjoy the rest of the time I have to spend with my friends.

Prior to the end of my service year, I had applied for my postgraduate studies at University of Ibadan- the school of my dreams. The message I saw was from another applicant who was telling the rest of us in a group chat of the possibility of writing a second entrance exam (we had written one in November before I went back to Zaria). Later that evening after I parted with my friends, I got an official invitation from my prospective department concerning the entrance exam. I won’t forget, it was a Wednesday night, and the exam was scheduled for 10am on Friday, the following week.

I was eager to start school, so that should have been good news because it meant the admission process was moving fast. However, I was destabilised. I didn’t see any exam coming; I thought the first exam would be the last. I had not read so much about Microbiology for like two years, and there was so much to read in a very short time.
I had to plan for a very long journey which would cost me money; I had to fix my travelling bags or get new ones. I had a lot of things I had planned to do in Zaria, before finally leaving for school. I was going to miss my family and friends- there were even some that I couldn’t get to see because my stay was short. Now, even though I had accomplished some of my plans, it wasn’t as I would have wanted it to be.

All these “concerns” raced through my mind and all I could think was “where do I start from?”

The next morning, I was home alone for most of the time. I cried. No, you don’t get it. I wish I can say I crode, so you’d understand the magnitude of the pain I felt😄. It’s okay to say I wept! The last time I cried that much, was when I was grieving for my mentor and friend, MD Mike of blessed memory.
I said all manner of things to God as I cried: “I’m not ready, this is beyond me, how do I do this…blah blah blah”

At some point, God asked me “why are you even crying? Shey you want to go to school? Shey you didn’t want to idly stay at home for long? Is this not supposed to be a blessing?

Even after sense began to fall on me, I couldn’t read much for the next few days. My honest and more frequently said prayer was “God abeg”. It was prolly the longest prayer I could say at that time.
What I had been hoping and praying for, came forth but not in a manner I expected it to be, so I wasn’t happy about it.

2022 is already a great year. Are you prepared for the many miracles? Are you mentally prepared for the change, no matter how little?

That brief phase of my life made me see why a man who has been trusting God for children will run away if his wife later has multiple births. Do you get it?

Are you prepared to see your goals and desires come to pass? Are you ready to be a mother? A wife? Are you ready to leave home?  In short, are you ready for the implications of your answered prayers? It’s time to put yourself in the position.

You’re praying to “hammer” and make plenty of money this year. Can your mind carry it when the money comes? Or will you misbehave and go haywire when you get it?

So in the waiting room (while you expect the million miracles to happen), get busy preparing yourself. Put yourself in the position.

Don’t let your good news become a problem.


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