Diary of a Naija Kopa (9)

July is one of my favourite months in this service year.

On July 1, I got my sewing machine. I named it Jae; a Korean name which means Wealth. Okay, don’t be surprised. Names are a big deal to me, and naming my properties help me connect with them, speak to them, and use them well. I got my guitar in September, 2018 and I named it Adora; a Latin name which means Dearly Loved. My headphone is Arike, and my tablet is Gem. I also named Aunty Esther’s violin Arike🙃

Getting a sewing machine was a big achievement for me, because I could now sew my clothes at home as I’m not always chanced to do so in the shop.

Olamide’s birthday was on July 17. It was exciting to celebrate someone I’ve come to love dearly and have a lot in common with.

Remember from Diary of a Naija Kopa (4) that I was appointed to be a subzonal executive in NCCF? We handed over to a new set of executives on July 11.

A day to Eid, I helped my boss work all-night in the shop. It was my first time of working in that part of our 24 hours, except for vigils or overnight reading when I was in school.

Mercy had been planning to visit me that month; when I told her about the machine I just acquired, she came with some clothes to sew. She also bought fabrics from me, then we cut and sewed them together. Together with Precious, Bisi(mostly known as Landlord in my circle), and Amaka, we composed songs and played the guitar. We sang in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Benin, and English. I think July was my favourite moment of being with her. I was invited for a party alongside my colleagues at work, and she tagged along. We had good fun.

After the party, we went to Old Oyo National Park. I was fascinated at the sight of the animals there. I offered one baboon a bottle of water and it grabbed it, opened the bottle and drank the water! It was such an amazing thing to see.

I am grateful for every goal God has helped me smash. I’m thankful for all the wonderful, unforgettable moments I get to share with people I love.

It’s four days to my POP and we have three more stories to go in this series 🤸🤸💃💃 What has been your favourite part of my stories so far? Please tell me about it in the comment section ❤️

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