Diary of a Naija Kopa (8)

I was at the tailoring shop one afternoon when a customer stopped by.
My boss introduced us to each other as Kaduna State indigenes. We spoke in Hausa and introduced ourselves better. She told me she also graduated from the same University I attended. I wished to have her contact, so we could keep in touch but I didn’t want to be too forward; I kept my cool.

On another day when she came around with her husband, she told me about the church they worship at, and it happened to be my home church too. I agreed to go with them the next Sunday.

We eventually went to church together that Sunday, and I followed them to their house after the service. I got acquainted with their children as time went by and I kept going with them to church. They offered to host me for the rest of my service year if I wasn’t comfortable at the lodge where I stayed. They were that generous, and I had no doubt that they were good people. In fact, meeting them was an answer to the prayer I said in May

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For the rest of June, I continued with the routine I had built for myself. I was mostly at work and shop, read books, and rested whenever I could.

By that time, I had already begun my countdown to the end of the service year. I was most times stressed from work and my apprenticeship, I so much missed my family and friends in Zaria, and I wished I could take a break from everything but God helped me to keep pushing on.

July was quite an eventful month for me, and you’ll be reading about it went in tomorrow’s story.

Today, I’m grateful that God is concerned about every detail of my life. He cares about my emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

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