Diary of a Naija Kopa (7)

When I came to Oyo in January, I brought foodstuff from home so I wasn’t buying much here. By April ending, my foodstuff was depleted, and there were some things I couldn’t readily get in Oyo. I made a list of food items I’ll need and sent it to my mum in Zaria, so she could waybill them to me. I went to Ibadan on the day I was expected to pick them up. I first went to the market, then called the logistics guy to know about their whereabouts. It was already about 12 noon and the bus was supposed to be in Ibadan by 10am, under normal circumstances. To my greatest surprise, I was told that the bus broke down at Abuja the previous night, and was yet to continue movement. I calculated again what time they’ll reach Ibadan if they were to leave soon, and when I saw that it may be in the night or the next morning, I decided to stay in Ibadan; I stayed in Olamide’s house for the night. However, my monthly NYSC clearance was to be the next morning by 9am so I earnestly hoped that the bus will arrive Ibadan in the night or very early in the morning.

The next morning, at about 6am, I tried to reach the logistics guy but his number was switched off. I was quite alarmed, but I needed to go for my clearance.
I bade Olamide goodbye and headed to the park to join a bus going to Oyo.

In the bus, I met Joy, who is now a sweet person to me. We were both going to the same local government secretariat for the clearance, and we were already running late. We alighted from the bus and joined another one which was just about to move.

On getting to Oyo, we parted ways. She headed straight to the secretariat while I went home to wear my khaki. Later in the afternoon, I got a call that my goods had arrived. I requested that the package be sent to Oyo, so I went to pick it from the park. Everything was intact; nothing missing.

On May 2, I prayerfully made some declarations, and by the next month, June, I began to receive answers! A particular line I prayed was “I meet new people and my relationships thrive- both old and new. I find help when I need it,” and I’ll be telling you about it’s fulfilment in tomorrow’s story.

In the last few days of May, I went for NCCF rural rugged at Ajegunle village. As always, meeting new people was one of the memorable experiences for me. I served in the camp market where I sold provisions to people in the camp site.

Today, I am grateful for how God connects me with people. I am also grateful that I can cast my cares on God, and trust Him to take care of them. I don’t have to worry because God cares!

Love, Gem.

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