Diary of a Naija Kopa (5)

Diary of a Naija Kopa (5)

Today, I am thankful for my business, Royaleclothinghub; my customers, both far and near; the patronages, referrals and endorsements.
I’m grateful for the helpers God brings my way. I thank God for keeping my family in good health and sound mind since I left home.

I can say March was a month of good progress for me, with little drama, lol.
Remember I started learning how to sew in February? I made my first dress in March. Learning how to sew is actually like a miracle for me: I see it as an outlet for some of the creativity on my inside. My ideas can now be beautifully expressed.
I stocked fabrics for sale (to smash my my goal of continuing my business here), and I was marvelled at the support I got from people around. My flatmates patronised and helped me in advertising the fabrics. I got help in taking pictures of the fabrics to post online; I was touched at the concern people showed for me and my business.

Work continued as usual as I kept adjusting to my new environment. I continued reading my books and almost everything went according to plan.

My Community Development Service (CDS) group educated secondary school students and traders in the market on how to manage their finances. It was always fun having such outings.

Olamide came visiting for a few days and I was glad to have her around.

Mercy and I planned to spend the Easter holiday together at her place; I looked forward to seeing her just as I look forward to telling you about it tomorrow!

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