My love note to Abba (2)

My Love Note to Abba

To the Father who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or trace of darkness; the One who is never subject to change.

Flawless. Perfect. Spotless.

God of inexhaustible depths.

The multi-breasted one; El-Shaddai, I call you.

The River that never runs dry.

Unlimited. Unrestricted. Boundless.

Incomparable. Unsurpassed.

Matchless. Unequalled. Unrivalled.

You supersede all my definitions.

I can never find enough adjectives to round off the description of who you are.

My Love Note to Abba | Hope Fanwi Bongnwi

You are indefinable. Indescribable.

You are God, the Source of blessing.

The Ultimate announcement of everything good for all ages.

You did not treat me as my sins deserve, nor pay me back in full for my wrongs.

In you, I find my relevance and value.

You are the God who made me- the God I bless, the God who blesses me.

Your endless love is cascading through my heart.

You are not defined by what I believe about you, I am instead defined by you.

It is your love that causes everything to mutually contribute to my advantage.

Lima’s little secret

Worthy of my every trust- for life and eternity.

Dependable. Reliable. Trustable.

Worthy of every song I can ever sing and every praise I can ever bring.

I love and appreciate you more than the words in my vocabulary can express, Abba.

Your Gem.

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