His Everlasting Arms | Esther Ochepo

His Everlasting Arms

“Had it not been the Lord who was on our side,” Let Israel now say, “Had it not been the Lord who was on our side When men rose up against us, Then they would have swallowed us alive, When their anger was kindled against us; Then the waters would have engulfed us, The stream would have swept over our soul; Then the raging waters would have swept over our soul.” Blessed be the Lord, Who has not given us to be torn by their teeth. Our soul has escaped as a bird out of the snare of the trapper; The snare is broken, and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.
Psalms 124:1‭-‬8 NASB

The above Scripture brings back a memorial of how the Lord delivered me from a death experience. My story will be a detailed one, please bear with me.🙏🏽

The long night of Wednesday, January 20th 2021, I was getting ready to rest for the night and because I had not been well for some days, I was on drugs and steaming therapy.

At 11pm, as I laid in bed, I began to have difficulty in breathing, it started like a lump in my throat that needed to go down. My husband came alongside, prayed with me and gave me some honey, hoping I would get some relief but the more I felt my throat blocking. In some few minutes I began to gasp for air, I was choking and my lungs were suffocating.

My husband called a Medical doctor in JUTH, who ordered my husband to immediately take to me to emergency. I was hesitant to go, thinking I could bear the pain till morning. The next thing I realised, I was fainting and panting for air, my mouth was dry, and I was going unconscious.

I was not sure how I got to JUTH, but I was laying in the emergency unit bed, my body numb and my extremities shaking. I remembered praying and begging Jesus for air and life. Oxygen was set up on me and as I laid there helplessly and partially conscious, my body began to float. I could hear my husband praying and also felt everything in my life drifting away; my children, my husband.

As my body floated, I felt an arm carrying me back into my body and fresh air poured into my lungs, an unusual strength and peace flooded my entire body. I became fully conscious and and told my husband to wheel me to the restroom. It was a long night.

Early hours of the morning, I was wheeled to a ward, where suspected COVID-19 patients were kept, still on Oxygen. From time to time, laying in bed, I still felt those mighty arms around me like a mother cuddling her baby.

Prior to my hospitalization, I had gone for a Covid test awaiting the result. On Friday morning, I was off Oxygen, I could walk without being wheeled and I was placed on oral and I.V drugs.
My result came out positive, and I was asked to move to the isolation centre which was like a dead sentence to me. But the Lord reassured me with Isaiah 40 -45 of His promises to deliver me and my household. I was afraid for everyone, especially my seven-week old niece that I was bathing.

That Friday, my husband, sister and house help took their test. The doctors felt the children should be observed, and except there was any symptom of fever and cold, they should not be tested.

I moved into the isolation centre, spent two days, and was discharged without any financial charges!
God gave us the opportunity to share the love of Christ and pray for all the patients there. My husband’s result and that of our help came out positive, even though they had no symptoms so they were placed on medication.

Currently, we are done with our medications, fumigated and sprayed the house. Everyone is doing well in health as the Lord promised.

I have experienced COVID, but I have also experienced the EVERLASTING ARMS of Jesus who is more powerful than the grip of the virus, this is not to downplay the precautionary measures of keeping safe which is our part to play. Before I took ill, I remembered going to pray for my elder brother who was a suspected case of Covid and we never knew.

There is so much fear within and around our world because of Covid, but there is much more power in the name and the blood of Jesus to keep us safe from this deadly plague.
Your prayers and the power of Jesus gave me another opportunity to live for Him and Him alone, I am grateful for you, and I’m grateful for my husband who was there for me.

May the Lord continue to grow faith in our hearts as we rest underneath His EVERLASTING ARMS

Love, Esther Ochepo

Thank you for stopping by to read. Happy new month! Enjoy every bit of March ❤️

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