My Love Note to Abba | Hope Fanwi Bongnwi

Abba Papa

Your unconditional Love for us,

Awakens our love for you.

Your love captivates our gaze.

Staring with utmost wonder,

Love unfolding, within our hearts,

Blossoming with intoxicating fragrance.

A peep into God’s diary

Illusion of separation and unbelief,

Dissolving without a single trace.

Fear melting into nothingness.

Hearts entwined in oneness.

Hope and Faith in seamless union with Love.

A righteous sinner?

Feasting on your Wine of Love,

Drunk in ecstasy and euphoria.

Enveloped by your warm embrace,

Your breath leaving sensations of blissfulness,

Your lights kisses igniting sparks,

Staring in your eyes completely lost, 

Those perfectly carved almond eyes,

Saying so much more than words could ever decipher.

Swooning in your arms from euphoric overload,

Hearing you whisper softly, your voice full of life,

“My Bride”

“My Love”

“My Beloved”

“My Image and Likeness redeemed”

“My I Am”.

A worthy journey

If you were to write a note to God today, what would you say? You don’t have to be poetic about it. It could be your most dominant thought about Him. Let’s pen down our different but unique notes to Abba

Find mine in the comment section, I’ll like to read yours too!

2 thoughts on “My Love Note to Abba | Hope Fanwi Bongnwi

  1. Dear Abba, you’re the best dad ever!
    You are so good and responsible
    Your love weakens my knees and chokes my heart…
    You leave me breathless, I love you- forever ❤️

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