Big Little Extras

I read one of the stories I wrote on Facebook last year and it inspired me to write this piece.

Read the story here Just do it

My sister once worked with a school. She got to work one day and to their surprise, the teachers were to take a test (makes me remember the craze of those unexpected tests in school).
The test was going to be done online, so only smartphone users were eligible.
Amongst those having smartphones, I’m sure there were some who didn’t have data bundles.

Many of the candidates would probably have been able to answer the questions and pass the test, but not having smartphones and data did not even grant them an opportunity to show their prowess.

Now, this may give the impression of being unfair to the others but life had already done her screening.
Time and again, life seems biased because opportunities come when we are most likely not ready.
Time and chance happens to them all… It means it will happen, you should prepare ahead of time don’t you think?

Sometimes, it’s the little extras that make the difference and creates the spotlight.

In the parable of the ten virgins, all the women were virgins β€” a quality that already makes them highly distinct. As insignificant as having extra oil may have seemed in the beginning, it made a lot of difference at the end.

Every day is an opportunity for you to add more oil to your lamp.

Every single day added to your life is an opportunity for you to learn something new, to add an extra to your abilities and become better than you used to be. Make a little improvement on what you did yesterday; do it again tomorrow.

Don’t overlook the extra drop of water that makes the glass full to an overflowing. Pay attention to the little strokes that make the alphabets whole.

Abba’s children should not settle for less, when there is more that they can aim for.

Have you read my previous blog post?

I’m sorry for the long period of silence. I missed you guys, and I’m back!

Love always, Gem✨

20 thoughts on “Big Little Extras

  1. Thanks for sharing. Most of the things I know (softwares) are product of little things that added up now and I’m making money from them. I’ll keep learning more because you can never tell when opportunities will come.

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    1. Thank you. Certainly there is opportunity to try new thing or improve every day because every day is a new day that the Lord has given unto us. He doesn’t repeat yesterday, He always add so the Wise ones always add something too no matter how little.

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