A peep into God’s diary

I ascended into the skies, above the moon and stars mounted in their settings.

Looking down, I saw the round ball of the earth. It was nothing compared to the paradise where I was.

The city where I stood was floored with gold. Its walls were beautifully adorned with gemstones. The mansions I saw were stunningly beautiful! Compared with what I saw, the buildings made by human hands were nothing but shacks.

I walked slowly as I looked around in awe. I was eager to meet the fascinating Urban Planner who fashioned it all.

Heading to the seat of His majesty, I found Him not. “Have you seen Father God?” I asked an angel. He used the staff in his hand to point towards where I could find the Father.

From a distance, I heard Him singing. The floor of heaven trembled at the sound of His sweet-toned voice. As though His voice was a hand, it led me to the exact spot where He was standing.

He looked brilliantly beautiful as always, and I couldn’t help but gaze with a dropping jaw at the Awesome Wonder. His grandeur, I couldn’t take all in. He looked at me and time froze. I was lost in the love I saw in His eyes. The intensity of His love felt like a tidal wave crashing over me.

I was breathless; like the sun, His brightness shone. His eyes blazed like fire, and in His hands was a book labelled GOD’S DIARY.

God is off the market

Different questions streamed my mind. “What in heaven or earth would make the God of endless worth leave His seat, travel some distance to journal in a diary? Why was He singing? Who is so deserving that the Master of the Universe, Creator of heaven, earth and sea would sing?”

Perceiving my thoughts, He pulled me close, gave me a hug and rubbed my hair which gleamed in the brilliance of the light He gave. His touch felt like a caress of rose petals on one’s ear lobes.

“Abba?” I called out in a breathy voice as I took the diary from His hands. His approving smile was the permission I needed to read through.

My heart beat sped up as I opened the book, and to my amazement, I saw my name in the best calligraphic handwriting my eyes have ever seen. Abba had been thinking about me; He meant it when He said His mind is so full of me! I made Him sing. I am the one so deserving, yet undeserving.

Flipping to the pages that followed, I read of His great delight in me. My jaws dropped! He wrote in detail how He feels about me, I read what He tells the angels about me! I saw the great plans He has for me. His promises to me were still intact. I turned to look at Him, and He affirmed it to be true.

God loves me; I make Him sing.

…and He feels exactly the same about you too!

Love, Gem🌼

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11 thoughts on “A peep into God’s diary

  1. Aww, this is absolutely beautiful! And it’s like that feeling you get when you’re listening to those dramatic audio Bibles! So piercing 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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