The point you missed in the parable of the lost…

The story of the prodigal son may be the most famous of Jesus’ parables. It was one of the first parables I got familiar with as a growing child and I guess people have gotten so acquainted with the story that they forget what it means!

It is a common truth that the father here represents God but here is the point most people miss…

The son never for once stopped being his father’s son! It didn’t matter how far he drifted or how long he stayed away from home. When he returned, his father still considered him as a son.

The parable of the lost coin drives home the same truth. The woman lost a silver coin and although it was lost, it was still a SILVER coin. Being misplaced did not change the value of that coin. If it could pay a day’s wage before it got lost, it would do the same after being found. The problem was about being lost and not how much it would worth. Gold is gold, regardless of whose hands it is in.

So how does this apply to you?

God has never stopped seeing you as valuable. He saw you as worthy to die for and worthy to live for. The gravity of your wrongs never changed God’s opinion about you. The graveness of our offenses were absolutely obliterated by the price Jesus paid. There was not a single sin that the blood of Jesus couldn’t cleanse.

The devil seeks to rob you of the personal relationship God wants you to enjoy with Him and he does this by making you feel guilty, ashamed and unworthy. The liberation for you here is that God has forgiven all of your sins, and He remembers them no more. It is on the basis of this, that you can approach God with confidence and enjoy sweet communion. God still loves you the same. Nothing stops you from being valuable in His sight. Remember that gold is gold, regardless of where it is found!

24 thoughts on “The point you missed in the parable of the lost…

  1. Man can change his opinion about you when you did not meet up to his expected standard….. But God never change his opinion about us……. He remains forever even if we change……

    Interesting one Jamima, you are amazing

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    1. For a child of God who has gone astray all he needs is to come back home and enjoy the privileges and wealth of the father, this is because God is abundant in every good thing including forgiveness. Weldon a very good one

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